So Much Better, 100% Safer.

What's the Innovation ?

Max Safe Tech transmits heat in microwaves. Conventional microwave ovens directly emit microwaves that do not penetrate metal surfaces. MaxSafe Tech uses its stainless steel body for the microwaves which directly interact with the metal when it is touched, assimilating heat in the body and transfering it to the food.

Conventionally, microwaves generate heat by passing through the material used and coming in contact with the food directly and evaporating moisture while vibrating intensely. Contrary to conventional microwaves, however, MaxSafe Tech maintains moisture by heating the stainless-steel body while also transferring heat to the food.

On Microwave safety

MaxSafe products should not be in the microwave for more than 10 minutes at 1000W.

Always remove the lid before using MaxSafe products in the microwave. Avoid using empty MaxSafe products in the microwave. Do not use multiple MaxSafe products in the microwave simultaneously. Do not use MaxSafe products to make popcorn or melt sugar in the microwave.

MaxSafe products may be hot after being used in the microwave, please handle them with care.

On Design

Yes, all of our products are 100% spill proof and have airtight lids.

Our stainless steel is Medical grade supreme quality material, non-porous, corrosion-resistant, tough and durable certified by SGS & FDA.

No, our products are corrosion-resistant, tough and durable.

On Technology

Yes, our innovative technology enables MaxSafe products to be 100% microwave safe.

On Returns

We have a 7-day free return policy.

Free 30 Day Returns

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1-Year Warranty