This is us

Through continuous technical innovation, we provide delight in the home and luxury in life

MaxSafe started its innovation journey in 2022. A part of Joyo, MaxSafe innovates to make daily living simpler and stylish. 

Innovation & Life

Innovation is simplifying life, not just beautifying it. Innovation is moulding day-to-day needs and lending technology and aesthetics to enhance life. It's never having to settle, never having to compromise. 

Innovation drives us. Our products have empathy at heart, aesthetics in design & technology in execution. They are designed for life, meant for you. In the relentless quest to better lives, Maxxsafe is the latest product in an extensive line of manufacturing.

MaxSafe’s products use modern technology that captures heat efficiently to transfer to your food. It is 100% safe to microwave, freeze or even bake. We use high quality, medical grade supreme quality stainless steel for our products. MaxSafe has brought India’s 1st Microwave Safe Stainless Steel Food Container as the all-in-one solution to our kitchens. With a medical grade supreme quality stainless steel body, your food stays safe and fresh. Our elegant and sleek modular design elevates your kitchen look while being functional. 

100% Safer. 100% Versatile. 100% MaxSafe.